White Stuff was founded in 1985 by George Treves and Sean Thomas – two ski buffs who first sold their ‘Boys from the White Stuff’ T-shirts to pay for their skiing habit (the white stuff was the snow!). Twenty five years on, and they now sell beautiful women’s, men’s, accessories and home stuff. They have just shy of 100 stand alone stores and 345 wholesale accounts across 7 countries.

All of their unique prints are designed by White Stuff. They love colour, nothing shouty or brash and they don’t do black! They are obsessed with detail. Prints inspired by a notebook in Tokyo, sausage dogs embroidered onto trouser pockets, hearts etched into buttons on sleeves. Their irreverent sense of humour can be found in everything they do, and it can be seen in each of our unique White Stuff boutiques. They are more than just shops, they are places where people can meet and socialise. The only store in Ireland is based in Belfast (1-3 Arthur Square, Belfast city centre) and it’s well worth a visit if you can as it really illustrates the brand’s personality and attention to detail.

Christmas 2017

Autumn 2017

Spring/Summer 2017 Beach

Spring/Summer 2017 Artist Floral

Spring/Summer 2017 Blue Frontier

Spring/Summer 2017 Perfect Spring

Spring/Summer 2017 The Picture Book

Spring/Summer 2017 Indigo Days

Spring/Summer 2017 Cruise Collection – Homespun Sunday

Autumn/Winter 2016 Iris Story

Autumn/Winter 2016 The Silk Road Story

Autumn/Winter 2016 Northern Lights Story

Autumn/Winter 2016 The Wilding Story

 Autumn/Winter 2016 The Illustrators’ Quarter Story

Spring/Summer 2016 Hepworth Studio Story

Spring/Summer 2016 Oxford Comma Story

Spring/Summer 2016 China White Story

Spring/Summer 2016 Nepalese Nomad Story

Spring/Summer 2016 December Story, Between the Trees

Spring/Summer 2015 Cabin Collection

Spring/Summer 2015 Longboat Collection

Spring/Summer 2015 Blue Print Collection

Spring/Summer 2015 Little Amsterdam Collection

Spring/Summer 2015 Tea Ceremony Collection

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